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SENSEX  36,021.42  177.72
NIFTY  10,607.35  55.65
Guess the SENSEX
Total Corpus of 25 lakhs. Out of which Rs 25 lakhs can be used for normal buy and sell and Rs 25 lakhs can be used for short sell.
a] Normal Buy
Whatever one's bought they need not sell on the same day it can be carried forward
Only 10% of the corpus can be traded on per stock.
Short selling is allowed.
b] Shortsell
One needs to buy back before the market closes or the stocks will be squared off.
All NSE stocks above Rs 20 are allowed.
Brokerage of 0.05% will be charged on every transaction executed
All buy and sell transcations cannot exceed the actual volumes in the market.
All the rules and regulations pertaining splits and bonuses, must be followed.
You can reset your portfolio anytime you want to.
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